About Me

Hi! My name is Crystal, Kate is my middle name and literally no one but my Papa calls me that, I just thought it would be a cute blog name. This is simply a personal blog that I use as a creative outlet and occasionally use as a reference. It would be great if other readers found this useful but totally fine if not.

By day, I serve as a marketing manager. I enjoy telling the story of a business and seeing happy consumers as a result. After hours, I enjoy book club with friends, reformer pilates, trying new restaurants for date night with my husband, and generally catching up on my seasonal tv shows.

This is truly a catch all for all things adulting, girlie, and true! I love beauty, skincare, hobbies, crafts, binging tv shows, playing boardgames, traveling, nurturing friendships, growing closer to God, strengthening my marriage, etc. I’ll be sharing the good and the bad sides of things because I think it’s our duty to be true to ourselves. One day I hope this turns into a Mommy blog, but until then, enjoy my personal journey of finding a work-life balance.