5 Tips to the Bride-To-Be to Keep Your Cool

Something that made me want to launch my blog was my wedding. I wanted to have a personal memoir of the most magical day of my life thus far. It’s obviously something for me but also if I can help any brides to be, I would love to. Love First

So let’s start with what being a bride is all about.. Being lucky enough to find someone who loves you no matter what the circumstance, stands by your side always and vows to until death do you part.

I reminded my best friend, Alex, of this when I was her bridesmaid and she would get overwhelmed with various details and components of her wedding. I reminded myself for my wedding and intend to remind any bride to be.

  1. Don’t Let The Details Distract You From The Purpose of Your Wedding– Whether it be your mom forcing her opinions on you or your dream venue not being available; these details do not define your marriage. Do not get wound up in these frustrations and disappointments. Take a step back and appreciate what you do have. When those values are your focus, everything will clear accordingly.
  2. Reserve Time With Your Fiancé– Seems easy enough right? Okay the twist is, no wedding talk! The two of you need time without the stress of the wedding. Make time to simply enjoy one another. Do an easy date night like grabbing dinner but if you don’t trust yourself to not talk about the wedding, maybe go see a movie 😉 It will be good for both of you!Bride Tribe > Bad Vibes
  3. Bride Tribe > Bad Vibes– I know your girl friends are there to vent to so sure, vent away but make sure as much as you are venting you are spending more time without the wedding talking. Plan a girls night- games, crafts, dinner, literally anything with wine. If they ask about wedding details obviously you can answer but explain that you would like to have a night free of wedding talk. Cheers to the girls!
  4. Make the Most of your Wedding Convos– Have a list of detailed topics you want to talk about so you make sure you have everything you want to say. Give yourself a time limit because the longer the conversation the less the other person is likely to remember and you lose emphasis on your point(s). These tips make it easy on you and whoever you are talking with by giving the conversation purpose and respecting their time.
  5. Treat Yo Self– No one is expecting perfection so don’t expect it of yourself. Stress is taxing on your health, so take the time to treat yo self. Do something for you to relax and release endorphins like working out, cleaning your room or office then relax there, treat yourself to a glass (bottle) of wine and a bubble bath, get a mani-pedi, whatever it is, take your time! Keep a list of these type of things for those funky times.


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