Quick Intro to Hand-Lettering

I have always loved doodling and creating fun ways to write. Ya know, back in grade school writing your bffs notes and folding it up all crazy. Well now it is a fun hobby. I’ve had a couple of classes between ones I’ve attended and ones I have tried my hand at teaching. I’ve learned the best way to start is by practicing D R I L L S and then practice, practice, practice.

Hand Lettering Drills_CrystalKate

Rule of thumb is: your strokes down are THICK & your strokes up are THIN. Practice this rule in a number of ways: strokes, waves, M’s, W’s, O’s, words.

You should also not be holding your pen too tightly. A friend should be able to grab it out of your hand. 

To start incorporating these drills in your writing, I would start by writing in pencil and going over in pen so you can focus more on the technique that what you are actually writing.

Another option is printing out a fun “hand lettering alphabet” from Pinterest. Place a sheet of tracing paper on top and trace with a calligraphy or brush lettering pen.

Hand Lettering Pens_CrystalKate

I usually practice while catching up on my shows, currently watching This is Us.

  1. The first Tombow pen is a calligraphy pen. It is my favorite for addressing envelopes and writing. It has more resistance in the tip so you aren’t having to be as careful when writing thin, only paying more attention to adding thickness.
  2. The second Tombow pen is a brush pen. It is great for practicing drills, focusing on technique and larger scale projects. This pen also comes in a wide variety of colors.
  3. The third pen, ZIG, is great for feaux calligraphy. Writing with the thin tip and going back with the thick tip and adding the thick lines down. This pen also comes in brush pen tips and a large assortment of colors.

The more comfortable and confident you get in your drills and your writing the more fun it all becomes.

Favorite Calligraphy Pens

THE Brush Pens

Great Starter Pack

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