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For over ten years I have kept a paper planner. I’ve tried all kinds and for the past few years I have loved Erin Condren. I loved everything about it but being able to personalize it was my favorite. It was my most expensive planner however I used it everyday so I didn’t have a hard time when it came to checking out. Now, I’m finding I don’t bring it with me as much because it’s a little too big to just throw in my purse and I end up just bringing a small notebook and transferring plans into my planner later and it starts to lose it’s luster.

May Designs Portfolio_CrystalKate

I don’t recall the first place I saw May Designs but one of my first encounters was at Target. They teamed up with Blue Sky and put together some affordable planners, portfolios, list notebooks and gratitude notebooks. I loved the size with them being easily able to fit in my bag and the versatility of just bringing one or putting up to four in my portfolio but the planner addict I am needed to check them out online before I went to buy. I’m sure glad I did.

May Designs carries various notebooks and portfolios in two sizes. I got the smaller of the two to fit in my purse. Their leather portfolios are gorgeous!! I was able to find the dot pattern I’m currently obsessed with and decided right then and there that I needed to get this portfolio. The portfolio can hold up to four notebooks which I absolutely love!

May Designs Portfolio Flatlay_CrystalKate

Countless cover designs for the many notebook options makes it hard to narrow down the four notebooks your portfolio will be holding but with them being easily interchangeable and affordable, you really don’t have to worry about having to pick.
I ordered my portfolio and personalized planner from May Designs and picked up a Lists and Gratitude notebook at Target. If my purse gets too full I just take out the book I need for the time and off I go. They just launched some holiday designs and I think I’m talking myself into getting the adorable Watercolor Holly Berry dot notebook to keep all of my Christmas lists and doodles together.


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