Orange Ya Glad I Picked A Louisiana Boy 

About this time of year Lindsay’s parents’ home in Lafayette, Louisiana have a satsuma tree that is BOOMING with satsumas. So during this visit we had to pay our way in orange picking labor.


It was pretty cold, I had to borrow a big hunting jacket and those oranges weren’t making it easy on us. If you tried to just pick it off of the limb the  peel would rip right off.  They were sweet as can be. Safe to say I won’t be getting sick this flu season amongst my dozens of tiny humans at school.

Another great use for these oranges is a wonderful little simmer recipe that will have your home smelling like a little slice of fall heaven. Add orange rinds, some cinnamon sticks, apple slices and whole cloves to a pot. Cover ingredients in water and have them boil on your stove. Once your concoction has been brought to a boil, let simmer on low for 10-15 minutes. Feel free to leave this on your stove and reheat as needed for a week and your home will have the perfect fall scent. Here is another variation and some other simmer recipes from


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