Lipstick Jungle

Every girl needs a good lipstick. There are so many lipsticks now a days that its a little intimidating to know where to start.

When you are at the store looking at lipsticks and see the initial price, don’t be deterred, shop smart. The components I consider are:

Whether it’s for Everyday or Special Occasion

  1. Price + Size
  2. Shade + Length of Wear


Lipsticks are kind of pricey, I mean you could easily buy 3 or 4 and break $100. Where they get you, is over the years as opposed to raising price, a lot of brands have reduced the amount of product you are getting. So establish whether you are trying to spend less on the retail price or you are okay spending more on the retail price for more product.

When you go to the store and are comparing prices, compare price per ounce because in some cases, although certain brands may seem less expensive, they might cost more per ounce.


For an everyday shade, don’t be afraid to splurge a little bit. For me, I’m looking for a long-wear, minimal smudge and matte finish and if it is something I am wearing everyday, I feel like I am getting good use out of it so I do not mind spending a bit more.

For a fun color every now and then, I still want long wear but it’s not as important because when I’m wearing it, it’s not as frequent and not as much of a nuisance to reapply however the brighter the color, the more we want to make sure it doesn’t smudge! Since I’m not wearing it frequently, I’m not going to spend too much and don’t need the size to be too big because another thing to consider is the life span your lipstick has, most aren’t more than a year, but always check the packaging. I’m looking for a smaller retail price for this product.

Shade: Beetroot



Currently my everyday is Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick – Safe Word. It’s a beautiful rosey-nude however I noticed that in just a couple of months the lipstick runs out. Plus it only seems to last a couple of hours so there are many applications throughout the day. The tube’s size is 0.10 oz and at Sephora it is $21. I’m out and needed more so I walked around swatching different products to find a larger size so I wouldn’t be purchasing so frequently.
I found a very similar color Dior Rouge Dior Liquid – Hypnotic Matte. It applied as a liquid but dries matte. The tube carries twice the amount of the Smashbox lipstick, 0.20 oz and at Sephora costs $35. It is twice the size, but it’s not twice the price and it is a longer wear lipstick. This is a great deal for me!


I also wanted to find something that would be semi-everyday wear, a nude but just a bit deeper than what I currently had. Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick has a wonderful selection of shades and I had the perfect shade however I wanted a bigger size and didn’t mind spending a bit more for it, I found the shade Chai by Bite Beauty and fell in love. Bite is known for it’s long wear and reliable formula. Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick (0.15 oz., $26) is 50% more product for only $5 more than Smashbox.


For a smaller price tag for a special occasion, Urban Decay and Smashbox have a ton of shades and run very affordable at $17- $21 in various mattes, nudes, pinks, shimmers, natural and various other finishes while maintaining great shades, with decent longevity and although their size isn’t significant, it will get the job done and fit perfectly in your party clutch!

Nearly all of my beauty purchases are through Sephora for their wonderful customer service. If you aren’t 100% satisfied they allow you to return or exchange which truly allows me to venture into different shades and brands with confidence.

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