Fabulous Fall Fragrance


So I signed up for #Influenster to get cool new products and get to test them for free. I recently received Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent. I absolutely love it. It is definitely my new fall scent. Unfortunately I only got the tester size, however I am definitely adding it to my Wish List. I don’t know if I was the best selection because I am definitely biased when it comes to “Marc J”.

I have loved Marc Jacobs since I was a little girl.  I was introduced to my love affair by my Nana. My Nana is a fabulous woman.  She has always worn the funnest outfits, had a stocked vanity and lived a very fun and fancy life. She made sure we always loved what we looked like and always had a good time. She also taught me the value of things. I remember wanting to buy something and she asked me how long I planned on using and keeping it. I remember not planning to use it very long and she convinced me that if I didn’t want to have it for long, was it worth the money.  So I as I’ve carried on, I now use that advice on my purchases. Now a days I would rather spend more on a nice bag to last forever, than little on a cheap bag that loses it’s looks in a couple weeks. Or if it’s a certain occasion that I just need something to wear this one time, not splurging.

Fabulous Fall Fragrance
Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent

I was a little preteen and it was a pretty standard weekend with my Nana and she had to “run to the store” to pick up a few things and I asked if I wanted to come.  I’d follow that woman anywhere, so I went.  We ended up at the mall but we had parked in the back.  We parked next to this big white wall with a warehouse looking worker door. We went in the warehouse door. I was a preteen who thought she knew everything so you can imagine my comments, “Nana, you missed all the parking spots by the entrances,” “Nana, this is a worker door,” but we walked on down a dark hallway and ended up in the middle of Saks. We walked down through “The Club” and she walked in, spoke with a nice woman who seemed to have forgotten something for my Nana.  My Nana is so nice, she was telling the woman not to worry and that she would get it, we went down to the make up counters and a woman had my Nana’s eyeliner ready and a bunch of nice little gifts for me! The main thing I remembered was a black leather Marc Jacobs quilted clutch. I had it until about 3 years ago when my apartment flooded and ruined nearly all of my stuff. There wasn’t another like it, so for Christmas my boyfriend, now husband, bought me a black leather Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.  It wasn’t a replacement but was so thoughtful. Marc Jacobs may be a timeless brand but they hold a meaningful place in my heart. Forever a symbolic gift that reminds me of my fabulous Nana and my loving husband.

#EauSoDecacent is a reminder of how fabulous and loved I am. I have been wearing my wedding scent, Dior Absolutely Blooming, but for the fall I’ll be switching over.

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