Starbucks For Life

If you ever get Starbucks you should be a Starbucks member because it pays you back in free drink or food. Even if its just a coffee run for the office every now and then, it pays off. All you do is register a gift card and you can reload it, pay from your phone and even jump the line by ordering ahead of time. Just think, you could be sitting in stand still traffic, swing through the Starbucks parking lot and a minute later you can still be in traffic but at least you have coffee and maybe even a pastry.

They are constantly sending out faster ways to reach a freebie and currently you could be earning two plays a day for a chance at Starbucks for Life! So start by start by:

  1. Signing up for Starbucks rewards with any Starbucks gift card: Sign Up for Starbucks Rewards
  2. Download the app (optional but adds ease and this is how you #mobileorder, order in advance)


  1. Play Starbucks for Life:
  2.  There are many ways to earn “Plays” through purchases but there is a free option available twice a day called Daily Play! Access it through the “Game Board” by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and clicking “click here”
  3. Generally within a minute after you fill out the information (address and phone number) you will receive an email with your free play. || YOU CAN REPEAT THIS DAILY TWICE A DAY!

Good Luck! And if you win a lifetime of Starbucks don’t forget about me 😉

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