Thanksgiving RoadTrip 2016

I was not lucky enough to grow up around the corner from my grandparents, however I am lucky enough to still have both sets of grandparents and when I am able to visit and talk with them it makes those times all the more special. This also means that my grandparents haven’t had the pleasure of meeting many of my friends or any of my boyfriends. So with that being said, currently Lindsay and I are on a pretty epic road trip.

First stop, Lindsay and I will stop  to see his family in Lafayette, La. Second stop, Rosemary Beach in Florida where we will be meeting with our wedding vendors and take in the beautiful views. Third stop, south Florida to see my parents, all but one sibling, Nana and Papa.

I am very excited to have my fiancé meet my grandparents for the first time. I know they will love him as I do and I know he will love them as I do but so glad for it to finally happen and sad it took so long. The people who matter most in my life should know one another. 

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