World Adoption Day

November 15- Put a smiley face on your palm and share it with the world! #WorldAdoptionDay

(These pictures may look all a mess, but notice how no matter how short the attention span these tots have, we can still catch a smile 🙂 )

Last year I stumbled upon #WorldAdoptionDay searching my explore page on Instagram. I posted a picture of my pup that I had adopted just two weeks prior and also mentioned my Dad and fiancée (boyfriend at the time) being adopted. I wanted to talk more about it and figured my new blog that needs content would be the perfect outlet for it.

I have been a daddy’s girl my whole life. When I was a little girl, one of my favorite stories was hearing about where my dad came from. He would tell me that he was adopted from Seoul, South Korea. He told me that his mommy loved him so much but his mommy couldn’t provide food, clothes and a proper home for him. He would take trips over a bridge to a market with him mommy. He remembers that bridge and the fish in the water beneath it. One day she left him. He was all alone, lived in an orphanage for two years and literally fought over food with countless children. At four years old, he was adopted by my grandparents. They had two children of their own and adopted a boy and a girl (unrelated at the time). When he came to America, he would sit at the dinner table and once dinner was given to him he would take his plate and hide under the table. A story I thought was funny when I was little was my grandma telling me that when she reached over to help my dad use his silverware he bit her cause he thought she was trying to take his food and once he dropped a green bean and he was down and back up before she could blink. Now I nearly find myself in tears, as a toddler preschool teacher, I am heartbroken to imagine any of those babies left alone. They are so aware of so much. The absolute broken feeling that must have overcome his heart and to live in survival conditions all alone for two years waiting to be selected by a family is an unbearable thought, let alone an experience my own father had to endure. This is happening, this and worse is happening to thousands of children all over the world.

My fiancée was adopted at birth. His biological mother had a son she kept, a daughter she put up for adoption and when she found out she was pregnant again, she asked the parents of her daughter if they would be interested in adopting another child. My fiancée had, not only, the opportunity to be adopted but also be raised with his half biological sister, two very loving parents and a brother that parents were eventually able to have on their own.

It seemed a little silly to some people to think of my puppy as an adoption and compare him to my dad and fiancĂ©e. I’ll admit, adopting a cat or dog is nearly a joke in comparison to the lengths it takes to adopt a human but when it comes down to it, I am providing a better life for another living being. At 24, I don’t feel like I am going to be able to give another human much better of a life by adopting, but donating my time to good causes and raising awareness to the amount of foster children and orphans is something I can do and have a passion for.

I hope this post finds people who are in a place where they can make a difference! #NoMoreOrphans #WorldAdoptionDay

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